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Thank you very much for taking a moment to read about our history.  Clausson Raught Community Rescue Squad, Inc. is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3)  Ambulance service founded in 1946. Referred to as Community Rescue Squad, we provide service to Copake, Hillsdale, Ancram, and the surrounding communities in Southern Columbia County, NY.


Community Rescue Squad provides Advance Life Support (ALS) ambulance service to a 260 square mile geographic region in rural Southeast Columbia County, NY with a population of approximately 15,000 residents.  We do not receive Federal, State, or County funds to operate.

Community Rescue Squad deploys two full ALS/Paramedic ambulance teams from 0600 to 1800 and one ALS/Paramedic crew at night 24x7x365 per year. 


Community Rescue Squad is able meet our obligations through planning, staffing, and resourcing, we provide the leadership, EMS management, and services necessary to fulfill our commitment to the community we serve, while assisting neighbors as requested. We do this in a fiscally responsible manner and with the professionalism expected from those we serve. 

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