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Our Team

Community Rescue Squad is dedicated to the service to others. 24/7 365 days a year we endeavor to provide the residents and visitors to our 260 square mile region with the best in Emergency responsiveness,

Advanced Life Support, and compassionate Pre-Hospital Care.  

Our Team:

Board of Directores: 

Chairman of the Board:       

Hugh (Rus) Davis

Board Members:

Fred Schneeberger

Robert Burns

Josh Stalker


Operations Supervisor: 

Peter Doty


JoAnn Doty


Laura Richards

Clinical Providers: 


Peter Doty

John Riscavage

Louis Leo

Mike Turek

Mark Foster

Karlis Medins
Mary Claire Walker

Catherine Beckle

Kevin McGee


James Warfield

Jessica Metz

Dana Petty

Jason Vernon

Bill Pitcher

Peter Decker

Dylan Garbarini

Josh Drabick

Meghan Grahn

Melissa Turek

Bobbie Jo Mato

Lauren Lawson

Michael McCagg

Angelica Sanchez

Jennifer McGee

Caitlin Dearnley

Ashli Lamont

Heather Mullen

Thomas Roberts

Alexandria Tipple

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